Farewell Listeners…

I have ended the Migrarrhea Podcast, but here’s the link to the last episode:
Migrarrhea, Episode “F”

Migrarrhea was an experiment and wasn’t supposed to be taken seriously, but since it was an audio project, it took up a lot of my time to create.  It wasn’t heavily promoted, and I only did it because friends had been asking me to start a podcast for some time, but I never had the time to bother with it.  COVID-19 gave me a lot of free time, but not much in the way of inspiration (if you want to count anger, frustration, anxiety, and depression as “inspiration,” I wish all of that could’ve given me some motivation to be more visually ambitious).

Given that this pandemic has extinguished my concert photography outlet, it has decimated every graphics-oriented job in my region. Additionally, every designer who didn’t die from the disease is now working from home, which surely makes the competition to find freelance work an even harder prospect than it was before (as if it was easy before?)  Plenty of identikit/template designers are available through stuff like Fiverr or UpWork (designers that don’t really design anything new), and everyone thinks they are an expert at design now that Canva is available to everyone.  Artificial Intelligence is now running the design world, yet it’s all artificial and lacks any intelligence.  So, where am I going with this? Well, it appears I am just “going away” from the arts industry altogether.  A useless degree, 17+ years of experience… I’ve been aged out of the field, so to speak.

So, as I am closing in on my 45th year of existence on this planet, I am moving on to a different career field.  I have to… it’s sink or swim.  I don’t want to, but what choice do I have? I’m not going to grovel for a job, or lie about my background… and I’m not fresh out of school.  I need to think about how to take care of myself, and I am not getting any younger.

At this point, my skillset (which I don’t even know why I keep a website active, as I’m not really self-promoting anything any longer), will be reduced to basically having an expensive hobby… a hobby that doesn’t even matter, as it goes unappreciated anyway.  I can see my work ending up in charity shops after my death (probably before that).

So, with that said, I am signing off.  Going onto a new way of existing.