*If you are a prospective employer/client, please read my note about Spec Work.

Here, you will find a “homebase” so to speak of various work in my career that I am willing to share.  It is divided up accordingly based on the end “product”.

ProcessDriven 109 SOP Opt-in #1 (Cover), 2022

Graphic Design

A mixture of projects from specific employers as well as freelance contracted clientele.

Photography Thumbnail


A mixture of Live Concert Photography and links to licensed work.

"Hunter and the Hunted". Foil paper on canvas, acrylic paint, pearlescent medium, cut gold vinyl (hand illustrated). Size, 18" x 24", 2020.

Fine Art

A small gallery of 2-D art (not graphic design).


A mix of podcasting, voiceovers and general audio editing