Parody Project

This section concerns a seasonal product I typically start selling in mid-August. Since Halloween falls on October 31st and Election Day is the first Tuesday of November, it is common to see both Halloween decor AND Political signs in the yards of homes. I had an idea to create Halloween decorations that look like the typical political signs you see in yards supporting a candidate or cause. These have been very popular and I create them as custom prints that are shipped directly to the consumer. The ones pictured below were created three years ago but the photographs are recent to show their durability and fade resistance. I use a third-party printer to get them printed and shipped promptly. The ones pictured are sized at 12″ x 18″. There are more designs in the works for next season!

"Celebrate Halloween" Political Yard Sign.
“Celebrate Halloween” Political Yard Sign. 

*Skeleton Kitties are not included.

"Pick Your Poison" Political Yard Sign.
“Pick Your Poison” Political Yard Sign.
"Samhain Blessings" Political Yard Sign.
“Samhain Blessings” Political Yard Sign.
"It's Almost Time" Political Yard Sign.
“It’s Almost Time” Political Yard Sign.