I have experience in various types of photography, including capturing live performances and events, landscapes, animals, cultural scenes, and architecture.


I license work through Getty Images/IStock as well as Shutterstock  for those interested in using any of my available work for Editorial or Commercial usage.

Live Concert Photography

Let me make one thing clear: the pictures I have taken at various concerts over the years were obtained with permission directly from the artists or their management. They were not intended for widespread use by anyone who felt the need to use them without my consent. Therefore, I no longer maintain an archive of these pictures on this website.

In the near future, you will see a gallery below featuring some of my personal favorite photographs. While some may not perfectly capture my capabilities, they are still my favorites for various reasons. It is important to note that these pictures will not be available for download, and I expect you will not take screenshots. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.