New Art!


This is in response to an audio piece composed by Greta Pistaceci called “Degenerate”.

To give you an idea of what’s behind my image (since its subliminal) …

The 4 colors: red/green= Italian, yellow/blue=Swedish

Greta is Italian & Swedish.

The black background: it evokes how a lot of sound-waves look on a screen… they usually have a black background unless you select the sound-wave for editing.

The lines: are actually a barcode! I have a barcode generator on my computer at work that I have to use for placing within the designs of product packaging. So based on the word ‘Degenerate’ I used each letter based on its numeric place in the alphabet (IE. the letter ‘e’ equals ‘5’). So, the numbers I typed in the barcode generator are equal to ‘Degenerate’, and that is the exact numeric barcoded result! I removed the visual markers that indicate numbers, turned the whole barcode on its side, and then used a horizontal warp tool in Adobe Illustrator, to skew the entire image. It was all done in vector, in an 8×8 inch square.

The audio piece itself made me think of repetitive & warped counting, but still has some order to it. It wasn’t so abstract that there wasn’t a system to it… it wasn’t making noise for the sake of making noise… it sounded mathematical, actually. I’m terrible with math across the board, but logic equations make sense to me, and I always aced those… and something about the piece itself reminded me of a logic table.