The only thing in this section currently includes my Podcast work, but I will add additional audio projects shortly.

However, I will address Migrarrhea on this page. This is a podcast that I started during the COVID-19 lockdown. It is full of random musing observations, discusses underrated music, and reviews other forms of entertainment. The podcast was uncensored, and I didn’t take it too seriously, as it was more intended as comic relief. I wanted to tap into a skill set I hadn’t been using much of, which is audio editing, and I thought doing a podcast would be an excellent way to flex those atrophied muscles. Additionally, branding is necessary to get podcasts established on platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts. I decided to create a logo and mock-ups using the logo on random fake products. I figured this was an excellent way to work with my combined skills in an off-beat way.

A Migrarrhea Facebook page was created to promote it.

The Migrarrhea Website is available, but you can also listen to the episodes here (if you dare!)