New Client and New Job…

There hasn’t been an update here in about 2 months, so I should probably fix that.

I’ve been working on a few projects (one with a new client), and of course various art projects I do to keep myself busy.  I also have a job that takes up part of my time, too.  I am vaccinated, yet most of the world is not, which makes it a scary premise to have to be out in public often, and around those who refuse to comply.  So on that note, still wearing masks in public despite the repulsively hot temperatures (and disgusting humidity from the relentless rains).

I have been considering bringing back the Podcast, as there are always things to rant about, but not sure if I really have the time to do so.  It seems that there is some latent interest in it, so perhaps it isn’t completely dead.

The dog and the cat aren’t into the idea that my partner and I leave the house more often than we did, and unfortunately, the 19-year old cat has some obvious elderly and terminal issues that have become apparent in the past year, so I am not sure how much longer that little old man will be around.   They certainly weren’t happy when I traveled to NY this summer to see my family (who I hadn’t seen since 2019).

Other than that, I don’t have much else to comment about.