I was employed as the in-house Graphic Designer from May 2022 to September 2023. This position was completely remote (which makes using the term “in-house” quite comical… as I was certainly in my own house whilst creating their digital assets). The scope of work (as seen below) involved a complete redesign/development of their logo and the creation of a brandmark. It was then incorporated into existing marketing materials (as well as any new designs that I created). Most of the design work was for digital applications (websites, social media, email marketing, etc.).  A large portion was devoted to creating video “Thumbnails” for use on YouTube. Additionally, I did full editing of short-form videos that were showcased on their social media platforms (as seen in the last section).

Branding & Print

Here, you will see logo development (for their leading brand and some sub-brands) and a few print publications.


Here, you will see a variety of Thumbnails for their YouTube channel.  I did over 100 of these during my time there, but I am just showcasing the ones I liked best (and seen within the context most people would see them in).

Social Media & Web Graphics

This collection consists of graphics created for use on their social media accounts and other web assets like digital campaigns.

Video Editing

This last section contains a collection of video “Shorts” or “Reels” used on their social media platforms. These videos have to be under 60 seconds long, and many topics are culled from more vast extended-length videos. I edited and reformatted these and created the subtitles for accessibility.