August 2020, Lockdown Continues…

I was hoping that (by now) that this COVID-19 world crisis would be over, but sadly that isn’t the case.

Unfortunately, this has caused a significant hit to my career options/interests, and specifically, one of my favorite endeavors (photographing live concerts) has been decimated.

I think that it is safe to assume that by the fact that there have been no live performances in my region anytime soon (and everything has been canceled), that this is a career option that I am going to have to have to allow to die a dignified death.  It’s just as well since I haven’t been prompt at updating my archive anyway (as I have plenty more to add to it), but I think that, with a heavy heart, I am going to have to walk away from it permanently.

However… with the closing that door, I’m going to concentrate on a Podcast series that many friends have been egging me on to do for several years.   So that is in the works.



Julie Finley